The struggle of the juggle is real. Without the right education, support and structure, making our physical and emotional health and well-being a priority is a tough journey to embark upon.

Where do you start and how do you stay on track?

Even if you know what to do to become strong, happy and healthy, what is stopping you from achieving it? Is it a lack of desire, lack of knowledge and motivation or does the problem lie within? Most people are busy looking for quick fixes and external solutions to internal challenges.

It’s time to take 100% responsibility for where you are and master your ability for real change.

Rocket Fuel is a practical and back to basics guide, where Wendy Barron shows you how to restore balance and create divine order in your life.

Through her 5 essential pillars to ultimate health and well-being, Wendy shows you how to become empowered and in control of all areas of your life. With food freedom, movement medicine, personal power, sensational sleep and your sacred space Rocket Fuel will take you from where you are today to where you want your life to be, waking up each and every day feeling like life is abundant and anything is possible.




Wendy spent 16 years in the corporate world working in both the IT and the audio visual industry before quitting her corporate job, selling everything she owned and travelling the world full time for nearly 2 years. Throughout her journey of visiting 15 countries Wendy she was struck with the idea of becoming a personal trainer one evening whilst laying back watching the sunset on a boat in Guatemala.

Struggling to always find that balance between work and play herself over the many years in the corporate industry, Wendy found that time to exercise, daily healthy nutrition and a positive and happy mindset offered her some relief from a stressful work life. However she understands that it is easier said than done and for those that are not self motivated or do not know where to start often find it all gets put in the “TOO HARD BASKET”.

Wendy has only become serious about helping others with their health and fitness since studying to be an Executive Master Trainer at the Australian Institute of Fitness in 2008. Since becoming a Mum to her daughter Piper in 2009, she became even more motivated and launched her own successful personal training business, Mind Body Space. Wendy went on to become a boxing instructor, a Metafit group fitness instructor, yin yoga instructor and a weight management consultant as well as running successful women’s health, fitness and yoga retreats a couple of times a year.

Wendy is passionate about the human potential and is often referred to as a transformation warrior because she helps many people transform their lives both physically and mentally. Traditionally personal trainers work from the outside in however Wendy takes a unique approach and enjoys working with her clients from the inside out. She is a guru at energising bodies and minds with her inspiring, positive and vibrant energy.

Wendy believes that life is abundantly delicious and that everyone deserves to wake up every morning feeling happy and healthy.