At Mind Body Space we believe in a holistic approach to wellness. We believe exercise should be a way of life and not a chore. We believe personal fitness and good nutrition together deliver long term health. We believe we are all powerful beyond measure. We believe a healthy mind and a healthy body are one and the same and cannot be separated. We believe whenever there is change in the mind or the body equally there is change in our personal space. We believe there are only two options, make excuses or make progress.

For Women Only: How to Transform Your Body Without Feeling Miserable and Drained all the Time…

So many fitness and weight loss programs or gurus are focused solely on just diet and exercise. 
This assumes that you have super human levels of discipline and will power. But you probably have found out through your own journey that changing your habits especially when it comes to diet and exercise are a lot more difficult than the gurus and experts would like you to believe.

I have spent over a decade with my clients and my own personal journey to figure out the secrets of transforming your body, and you know what, it is 100% an inside job! It’s about what’s going on with your mind and emotions. That’s why I have created the Sisterhood Health, Fitness and Yoga Retreat, to put you in a safe environment for four wonderful days of nourishment, pampering and self care.

Creating an amazing foundation for your sustained transformation both inside and out.