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Mind Body Space

Do you feel that your ideal body is out of your reach?

Are you too busy looking after everyone else to take time out to look after yourself?

Very often people think that weight loss is hard but actually it’s easier than you think especially if you address the problem in its entirety. 

We believe the best solution to safe, effective and long term body shape changes as well as lifelong health and fitness will be gained by addressing the following factors. Your mindset, education around health and wellness, correcting eating and then finally exercise.

At Mind Body Space we are more than just another fitness company, we offer a unique journey of combining change in the mind, the body and your environment to achieve a total transformation through the world of personal training.

Are you ready to say NO to being angry and frustrated with yourself and your life?

Are you ready to STOP the cycle of self sabotage?

Are you ready to say YES to have the body you desire?

Imagine that you could have this and MORE!


About Wendy

Wendy has only become serious about helping others with their health and fitness since studying to be an Executive Master Trainer at the Australian Institute of Fitness in 2008. Having launched her own successful personal training business, Mind Body Space, she is able to offer valuable insight and knowledge to assist those with a busy life to find a healthy balanced lifestyle.  Read more...