For Women Only: How to Transform Your Body Without Feeling Miserable and Drained all the Time...

(While Creating an Abundantly Delicious life!)

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May 5th - 7th 2022
Buderim, Queensland

You could literally be just a few small mindset tweaks away from your new

"Abundantly Delicious Life" and Body...

but do you know which mindset tweaks you need to make?

I'll show you at the Sisterhood Health, Fitness and Yoga Retreat!

From: Wendy Barron
Brisbane, Australia

Dear Sisterhood Member,

It’s that time of year again…

The Sisterhood Health, Fitness and Yoga retreat is just around the corner and I wanted to officially invite you to join us. 

Each retreat we bring our expert nutritionist and chef, fitness instructor, mindset coach and entertainer to create a transformational event. An event that will find out and shift EXACTLY what you need so that you can create an Abundantly Delicious Life and learn the secrets to creating an amazing, energetic and sexy body!

At this next retreat you will meet other current and future Sisters who are just like you

Some who came last time not knowing what to expect

And this year will be back to experience even deeper shifts and share with you their amazing stories.

You're Just One Realisation Away...

Experience 'Your' Transformation At The Sisterhood Retreat

Let Me Show You What each day will look like when you join us!

Day 1: Setting Outcomes

Just as ancient navigators used the North Star to ensure a successful journey. You will set the intention and outcome for your transformation.

Day 2: The Tools

You will learn the tools that will create your transformation and how to use them. Powerful, practical strategies to take control of your narrative and remove limitation.

Day 3: The Framework

Discover and learn to create massive change in your life from a holistic multi-dimentional perspective. You will no longer see your life form a 1 dimensional linear perspective again.

Day 4: Vision Creation

Create your Abundantly Delicious Life Plan. Have a complete holistic vision and outcome for your body, your life and your passions. Know that what you have manifested and put together cannot be stopped. Nothing will be the same ever again

May 5th - 7th 2022
Buderim, Queensland

What's INCLUDED When You Apply Today:


The Sisterhood Health, Fitness and Yoga Retreat

$6,720 Value

Where you will learn:

  • How to have more energy
  • How to create an Abundantly Delicious Life
  • Intergrate the 5 core pillars for a holistic, healthy life
  • learn amazing strategies to shift your mindset for an amazing body
  • Figure out the internal blockages that have been holding you back from achieving your ideal weight goals
  • Strategies to sustain your ideal weight

Professional Tools

$1,700 Value

We wanted to give you everything you needed while you are at the retreat, so we have included these professional tools and classes:

  • Healthy cooking classes with our expert nutritionist and chef to teach you how simple and enjoyable it can be to eat healthy
  • Movement classes with me Wendy Barron that will teach you the most enjoyable and effective ways to move your body
  • Coaching and creation of your vision board to capture your Abundantly Delicious Life Plan

Retreat Accomodation and meals

$10,900 Value

If you were to book the Aquila house yourself with meals it would cost $10,900 as they do not book out their rooms separately. But because you are paying to attend the retreat with me, I will pay for your accomodation and meals at no additional cost to you!


Abundantly Delicious Life Private FB Support Group


A loving, supportive sisterhood, who understand the inner game to holistic health.


Weeding Process Online Masterclass

$187 Value

The weeding Process Masterclass is going to make the process of achieving your health and wellness goals so much easier. It will help you take control of your mind and your internal dialogue. It will help you weed out the negative draining self talk and help calm the mind.


Lean Mindset Online Masterclass

$597 Value

Have you ever wondered how people can enjoy working out and eating healthy? It’s because they have different beliefs, patterns and meanings attached to healthy eating and exercise. This class helps you to develop that mindset for yourself.

Wendy Barron 3D book curled

Copy of my book Rocket Fuel

$35 Value (Special Bonus Today Only!)

You will receive a FREE copy of my book Rocket Fuel. This is going to teach you all about the 5 core areas of your life that you need to focus on, to achieve holistic health, vitality and your ideal weight. It will teach you how to to use these areas to create space and have far more energy than you have had before.

Total Value: $20,114

Normal Price $4,994

Special if you Apply Now: $2,897

May 5th - 7th 2022
Buderim, Queensland

All Catering and Accomodation included...

Absolutely Stunning Location

Aquila Retreat Buderim, Queensland Australia

Take a guided tour of the Aquila house with me...

Apply now below!

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Note: Only 25 Positions available for the next retreat with current pricing!

May 5th - 7th 2022 | Aquila Retreat
Buderim, Queensland Australia

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